Saturday, March 05, 2011

Saving Money at the Thrift Stores

This is a good time to check out the thrift stores; people are cleaning out their closets. We brought a load of outgrown clothes and toys to a local thrift yesterday, and decided to do some shopping as well. I was able to find some light jackets, girl's winter pajamas(for next year), new-with-tags tops(Target and The Children's Place, long sleeved for next year) for my daughter, and a few summer T-shirts and Khaki shorts for my teenage son. I spent about $45.00 for 27 items(20% off with frequent donate card).

Sometimes I find next to nothing at the thrift stores, and other times it seems I've hit the mother load. To be successful, I have to check frequently. In the end, I save quite a bit of money on clothing and household goods. This goes a long way toward creating a savings cushion and extra money for vacations.


Eva said...

We looked for a pair of pants for Charlotte in a consignment store yesterday and found a brand new pair for $2.00! That was a good bargain!

Debbie J said...

Love finding those items with tags still on! But even without the tags, gently used is great. If you buy something new at a regular store and wash it a couple of times, you end up with the same result, so why not l pay less.

Otter Mom said...

I've always shopped at thrift stores. My daughter loves to look for clothing there, she's got her own unique sense of style and can find some amazing deals.

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