Thursday, March 03, 2011

Easy DIY Clothing Iron-ons

I've got these ideas on the top of my wish list(time, energy, motivation) for crafts to try in 2011:

Iron on decals from plastic shopping bags- brillant!(image pictured is from tutorial)

How to Print a Design Onto a Shirt Using Sandpaper

Crayon T-Shirts

I think these Iron-ons would be a super solution to cover children's clothing stains, or just jazz up a plain cotton t-shirt.


Eva said...

Whenever I try these iron-ons they don't stay on for a long time unless I reinforce them with a seam!

Debbie J said...

One more thing I want to try too!!! Need more time!!!!!

Alexandra said...

Good to consider, Eva. The crayon iron-on might do better because it leaves only the colors. I'll experiment with them both.

Debbie - too many projects, not enough time. :)

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