Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dollar Tree Chinese Dinner for Two

Sometimes I tire of making meals from scratch. It saves a lot of money, but an inexpensive frozen dinner is a lovely reprieve from kitchen duty. This Dollar Tree Teriyaki Chicken (196 calories per serving) for two was really delicious, just like Chinese restaurant food. I added about half a bag of frozen stir fry mixed peppers and onion(Save-A-Lot), minced garlic(Dollar Tree), and a splash of Japanese rice vinegar(Walmart). I served this over some delicious Mahatma brand(Walmart, USA grown) brown rice with soy sauce(real).

Dollar Tree also sells frozen bags of stir fry vegetables which I got along with their frozen salad shrimp(his favorite) for my son. Also found, two thick pizza crusts for a dollar, Hormel pepperoni for pizza(two pouch box), and a bag of ten tortillas.


Mitzi said...

Everytime I walk by the cooler/freezer section of The Dollar Tree I pick up something and give it a whirl. No complaints so far except some shredded cheese that would not melt no matter what! We love Chinese and often make it from scratch at the house. I will give this a try. Thanks for the info!

Elizabeth said...

H.m.m.m You are making me hungry. I will have to visit the Dollar Store tomorrow and see what they have. I was there recently and practically bought their whole supply of bottled green olives.

Lola said...

Cute dishes!

I'm going to make your dinner this week.

Thanks for the idea!

Alexandra said...

Their food selection has gotten much better over the years. I had their frozen stir fry last night - good mix! Some of them have too much broccoli.

Lola - I was meaning to leave a note on your blog about these. Thanks for the heads on on this deal - we love the dishes. :)

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