Friday, February 11, 2011

Home Economics: What You Can Make From The Kimono Pattern

"The Kimono Pattern. - There are several garments that can be made from the kimono pattern. Some of these, a kimono, nightgown and apron dress, are shown in the pictures in Fig. 14. If you understand how the kimono pattern is put together it will be easy for you to make any of them. Did you ever make a dress for your doll by cutting the whole dress out of one piece of cloth? This means that the dress and sleeves are cut in one piece and that it is the type of pattern that we call the kimono pattern."

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From A Girl's Problems In Home Economics, by Mabel B. Trilling, 1926.
This book is designed for use as a text-book in the junior high school or the beginning high school grades. Free to read online via Chest of Books.

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Elizabeth said...

I wonder if one can find vintage charm school texts online...This post got me thinking about those old books which taught how to be more feminine and refined. They last through the late sixties and then everything was about being more sexy.

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