Monday, February 28, 2011

Grades K-12 Free Printable Short Classic Literature Excerpts with Worksheets and Audio(Human-read MP3)

Lit2Go: MP3 Stories and Poems

Click on banner, grades K-12 available. My son has been working through the chapter excerpts from Frank Baum's The Wizard of Oz(seventh grade). This is a little break from our regular curriculum, and these free literature arts printables are just perfect for a change of pace.

I've added the banner to my sidebar.


Annette said...

Thanks so much for sharing this!

Bonnie said...

Thanks! We will be using a poem and a worksheet this morning :)

Anita said...

Thanks for sharing this, looks great, only issue I am having is that I can't seem to download the mp3s, only listen to them online... am I doing something wrong?

Alexandra said...


Right click on the MP3 link and "save link as", and your computer will download it. You can also download it via itunes.

Elizabeth said...

Hi, Alexandra - I will have to try this. What ages are your children now?

Alexandra said...

Elizabeth, they are 13 and five. :)

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