Monday, February 07, 2011

Action Bible Songs Album Download for $1.99 And Others

Amazon has a $2.00 off coupon for all MP3s. I got Action Bible Songs for my daughter who loves to sing along with these songs. We got a few of them at the Dollar Tree on CD, but this one has seventeen of them. You can listen to samples at the link.

This coupon is good for any MP3. Instructions and code here. It's a gift code; however, if you don't want to send it as a gift, just bank the money("$ redeem gift code" button) and use it for yourself. The button is under the "Buy" and "Gift" buttons on the top right.


The Iowa Farmer's Wife said...

Thank you for posting! Got this CD for my daughter today!

Alexandra said...

I'm glad.

I happy we can sing more than a few songs now. My daughter sings Father Abraham all the time...time for her to learn a new tune. ;)