Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Painted Floor Progress

I'm making headway with the painted floors despite children and/or cats walking or almost walking across wet paint. I finished my son's bedroom and the formal living room. Now that some of the floors are done, it shows how badly the baseboards need painting. I'll work on this next.
I used Behr's One Part Epoxy Concrete Garage Floor Paint with a concrete primer on this concrete first floor living room floor. It turned out nicely and a large vintage wool Persian area rug($176 including shipping on ebay) with padding will go over top. I used 1.5 cans of paint for this 15 x 12(approximate) area, and half a can of concrete primer. The hubby took out the carpet and used a hand sander to smooth the floor.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Vintage Children's Character Education Resources

We are to be fulfilled and satisfied in the abundance of Christ's life, putting our love and trust in God above all else, neither material nor person coming before God.

Most of these resources deal with greed and the consequences of greed in one form or another. All are in public domain and are downloadable and printable:

The Punishment of Greed from the Chinese Fairy Book, 1921.

Proverbs By John H. Bechtel, 1910

Which is Best?, The Wonder Clock by Howard Pyle, Katharine Pyle, 1887.

Greed in Marlowe's Tragedies, English Literature by Alphonso Gerald Newcomer, 1905.

Decline of the Republic
, A History of the Ancient World, by George Stephen Goodspeed, 1912.

Service, Junior High School Literature by William Harris Elson, Christine M. Keck, 1920.

The Son of Columbus, Great Men's Sons by Elbridge Streeter Brooks, 1895.

The Last Voyages of Christopher Columbus, Harper's Fourth Reader, 1888.

Malchus the Monk, The Book of Saints and Heroes, by Andrew Lang.

The Wolf and the Crane,  The Folk-lore Readers, by Eulalie Osgood Grover, Margaret Ely Webb, 1914.

The Lion's Share, The Story Hour Readers, 1920

The Magic Well, The American School Readers, 1911

The Greedy Geese, Good Stories for Great Holidays, 1914

More later.....

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Free Vintage Biblical Alphabet Early Reader Book

The illustrations are lovely in this old ABC book. It is free and in public domain. You can download the entire book or print individual pages by right clicking on the image of the page at the link. These would make nice picture flash cards as well.

The Child's Coloured Scripture Book
Publisher George Routledge and Sons, 1867
See here.

Care of Painted Floors

The Housekeeper's Handbook of Cleaning
Harper's Home Economics
Author Sarah Josephine MacLeod
Publisher Harper & Brothers, 1918

Some vintage advice for the care of painted floors:

Floors and  Floor Coverings

"Fortunately the day of nailed-down carpets is almost gone. The sooner all carpets are replaced by rugs the better. Carpets which cover the entire floor hold dust and are hard to clean. Rugs take as much dust for the surface they cover, but the surface is not so great, and they are cleaned much more easily.

Even though a floor is of soft wood, the cracks can be filled and three or four coats of good paint applied. If this surface is covered with one large rug, or with several smaller ones placed where there is the most traffic, the finish will last well. Painted soft-wood floors are not as desirable as hard-wood floors, but they are preferable to carpeted floors.

Painted floors.—To keep these in good condition they should be swept with a soft-hair brush and dusted with a dry mop or duster. Occasionally they may be washed with a slightly moistened cloth."

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Painted Concrete Floors

I'm thinking we might paint the concrete floors downstairs instead of renting a grinder for polished concrete floors. The grinder is inexpensive, but paint is even less. Look how nicely Sandy's turned out:

She has got a beautiful blog. Go check it out, Paint Me White.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

How to Make Sour Cream From Plain Yogurt

Easy!  You take plain yogurt(no additives), drain off the liquid(whey), add some lemon, and refrigerate for two hours. See here for detailed recipe.

This tutorial mentions the use of a fine mesh kitchen sieve to drain the yogurt, but cheese cloth or a strong paper towel over a colander works well too. I use the colander/paper towel combination over a large bowl to drain the yogurt. Instead of discarding the drainage(whey), save it for baking and cooking. I use whey in homemade bread.

For something extra, save a portion of the drained yogurt; skip the lemon, drain overnight, and you'll have creamy cheese!

Image for wikipedia.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Growth in the Grace of Understanding

Being misunderstood is something that happens to all of us...

And misunderstanding others is something all of us do...

Perhaps most important of all:
misunderstanding clouds our thinking and obscures the truth.
Misunderstanding erodes relationships and spoils trust. Unresolved misunderstanding can lead to confusion, mistrust, grudges, resentments and hurt.

An Examen of Conscience:

Do I listen with a desire to learn?
Do I seek to understand that I might learn the truth?
Do I speak with sincere respect for those who hear me?
Do I listen as intently to others as I hope others listen to me?
Do I open myself to truths, old and new,
truths I've not known or understood before, truths I've rejected?
Do I speak the truth charitably when it calls others to accountability?
Do I listen humbly when others speak a discomforting truth to me?
Do I recognize my own limitations' impact on how I understand others?
Do I listen patiently to others who disagree with me?
Do I speak patiently to those who misunderstand me?
Do I keep in mind that some people
have been misunderstood all their lives?
Do I understand that some people will just never understand?
Do I understand how much more there always is for me to understand?
Do I know how to converse without needing to convince?
Do I know how to debate without needing to defeat?
Do I forgive those who misunderstand me?
Do I ask forgiveness of those I've misunderstood?
Do I seek, do I pray to understand more
and to be more understanding?
Do I seek to understand so that I might gain wisdom?
Do I allow the truth to correct my misunderstandings?
Do I speak the truth I know that others might understand it?
Do my words invite others to consider, understand
and embrace what is true?
Do I understand there is a truth to be understood?

Mutual understanding can be a path to the truth, a path we need to learn to walk together. Being misunderstood is something that happens to all of us and misunderstanding others is something all of us do. Growth in the grace of understanding is something we all need to pray for...

Lord, you made and understand all things.
Help us to understand one another as you understand each of us.
With your Spirit's gifts, help us to grow in understanding
and guide us, together, to your truth. ~ Concord Pastor

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Common Ingredient Substitutions When You Run Short

Helpful list here, at

Substituting apple sauce or yogurt for oil/butter in baking recipes is one of my favorite diet secrets. I also use this substitution in my homemade salad dressing; instead of oil, I use yogurt. Just one tablespoon of my canola oil is 120 calories! One cup of plain whole milk yogurt is only 130 calories.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Extending the Table Cookbook

I finally ordered this cookbook, Extending the Table: A World Community Cookbook, which was written in the spirit of the More-With-Less Cookbook (World Community Cookbook), one of my favorites. The recipes are diverse simple nutritious meals from around the world, the international version of the Hillbilly Housewife's low cost made from scratch recipes. Many of the meals are similar to what I already cook, but the book gave me so many ideas for diversifying them. I'll be sharing some of these recipes soon, as I make them.

I got the cookbook free with Amazon gift certificates via Swagbucks.