Sunday, November 14, 2010

Simple Ways to Slash Your Grocery Bill

and other basic frugal living tips at Frugal Living. If you are just beginning a frugal lifestyle, this is a good basic list of strategies.

Check Your Receipt for Mistakes
Mis-rings are common and costly. Bring all receipt errors to the store's attention, and you may just get your mis-rung items for free!

This is one I continue to tackle. I find double rings on items a few times a month, although I've never gotten anything for free this way.


a soldiers wife said...

very good thing to point out...and something I very rarely think to check!

Otter Mom said...

I generally watch as things are rung up, I've caught a few mistakes but I don't want to get it free. Just at the correct price. There was one time, at Subway, where they accidentally charged me for an additional sandwich. I didn't realize it until later when I looked at the receipt, I went back in and they tried to fix it but finally just gave me the difference back in cash. Then it never showed up on my bank statement (I used my debit card) and I called the manager. He said that they'd figured out what they did wrong and had voided out the sale entirely, and that they didn't want the $ back. Nobody got punished for it, which was good, but they did have a training session. I felt kind of bad about getting the money back, but the manager refused to take it back from me.

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