Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Passing on Organized Team Sports

We had found a balance between socializing and academics, but then came a new question, one uttered with a combination of surprise and horror:  “They don’t play organized sports?” .

As a mother to a son who dislikes organized sports, this post by a homeschool mother of two boys was validating. We too have felt the pressure to have our son join team sports for proper "socialization". We tried swimming, soccer, and T-ball, but he wasn't enjoying any of them. I didn't see the point if he was miserable, so now we play hard in the backyard, take walks/hikes, canoe in good weather, bowl, and rock climb at the city athletic center. His dad is home three to four times a week during the day, so there is a lot of wrestling and boisterous fun. He's happy and has an outlet for all his boy energy.

This interesting Christian article at HomeschoolingBoys.com discusses alternatives to organized team sports. This article has given me some ideas to share with my husband for pairing our son up with age appropriate labor intensive volunteer or learning opportunities.

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Berry Patch said...

Thanks for posting that. After doing the team sport thing for quite a number of years with my boys, I'm starting to see the cons of it outweigh the pros for our family. Namely the lack of family time it creates. As my boys have gotten older, they each have expressed the desire to stop and we allow for that. They are all very active so I don't worry about that at all. ;-)