Friday, September 10, 2010

Old Fashioned Frugal Fun: Cardboard Castles

Make a Paper and Cardboard Castle: Neuschwanstein 

Great ideas here. Twigs and colored cellophane for the doors and windows.

A simple one for younger children.

Another simple one with instructions at Enchanted Learning.

Just think what you could make with some discarded refrigerator boxes!


Eva said...

My son might get inspired by those. We want to cover the Middle Ages this school year.

Alexandra said...

The first link leads to more of the same. It would be fun to try to make replicas of castles from photos from the web or books. Moats, drawbridges with some yarn, etc. Fun! At least I think so. :)

Mette Maj said...

This is a great idea and one I'll try to use to build a boat like Noah's Ark. Our toddler has been fascinated by the story and it has been told and re-told now in different books - time to get her own animals aboard and make it more tangible:)

Let me introduce you to the works of Danish artist Peter Callesen. His feel for the material continues to inspire me:

Alexandra said...

Beautiful Mette, but way beyond my capability! It does inspire though.

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