Saturday, September 18, 2010

Free Printable Story for Young Children: The White Knight


A great many years ago, in the time which is known as the Days of Chivalry, there lived a King in Far Away Land who was called William the Good. There is nothing about him in any of the histories, for the grown-up people have forgotten him, and only the children speak of him when they play a game and sing a song which begins:

King William was King James' son,
And from a royal race he sprung;
Upon his breast he wore a star
Which points away to the ocean far.

A medium length story, pages 101-108 originally from Happy Faraway Land by Ruth Kimball Gardiner, 1902. printable here.

To Print simply right click on the image of the pages at the link, "Save as" or "View image" to print.

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