Monday, September 20, 2010

Free Vintage Cut-outs and a Story Starter

Cut and paste using vintage public domain printables.
The cat is precious in a particularly silly way. Just look at her expression and crossed paws. This was fun to cut and paste. We also used the cup(letter C) from the tea set drawing, and a vintage story page. Click to enlarge and save/print. I have only a black and white laser printer, so if we want color, we do it ourselves with crayons or colored pencils. This is a big money saver with the ink, so I don't miss the color too much. The cat comes out nicely in black and white.

I've got some squirrel printables which I'll  post later.

Silly cat courtesy of The Paper Collector.

Conversation starter from Appletons' Chart-primer, 1884.


Elizabeth said...

I'd love to see how you homeschool, because you always find the neatest stuff.

HOw is your homeschooling going?

Alexandra said...

It's okay...I posted about it earlier. I mentioned what we are ding and how we are doing it. It should be one page back. :)

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