Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Free Vintage September Blackboard Calendars

From a 1915 teacher magazine that I found at Google Books. Click on image to enlarge. This is in public domain and free to use. See here for years which have a common starting weekday and equal number of days for the year 2010.

Oops! This one is not the correct one. September begins on a Wednesday this year. I'll post another soon. This calendar is not from 1915. Too bad because this is a sweet one.

Update: Here is the correct 1915 September calendar - good for 2010.

And a blank one for a schedule:


Eva said...

How lovely!

Alexandra said...

Thank you. Too bad it's not good for this year. I'm going to try to Photoshop(Gimp) the correct days into the first one.

Eva said...

You could just copy the artwork on a real blackboard and put up new dates.

Alexandra said...

Sure. Good point. I want to print mine out, so I'll probably try to doctor it up. Yet another project I may or may not get to! LOL

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