Friday, August 27, 2010

Free Baltimore Catechism Ebooks(19th Century Editions)

For my Catholic readers and homeschoolers:

Baltimore Catechism books one - four at Project Gutenberg:
Baltimore Catechism, No. 1
Baltimore Catechism, No. 2
Baltimore Catechism, No. 3
Baltimore Catechism, No. 4
An Explanation of the Baltimore Catechism of Christian Doctrine

Also see:

Divine grace:a series of instructions arranged according to the Baltimore catechism; an aid to teachers and preachers, (Google Books)by Edmund John Wirth, 1903.

Free to read online and/or download.


SAHMinIL said...

FYI: I clicked on the link you provided above, but it was just project guttenburg's search page.

Alexandra said...

Thanks! I fixed it. :)

Eva said...

Thank you, Alexandra. We are using the New St. Joseph's Baltimore Catechism, but it's interesting to be able to compare the two!

Alexandra said...

We're using the New St. Joseph's Baltimore Catechism books as well. I agree. The differences make for some good discussions! I just printed out some information in book four explaining the meaning of Lord's Prayer, line by line - great reflections for indepth understanding. We'll be reading this together tomorrow.

Lily said...

what a great find!