Saturday, July 03, 2010

How to Make Sour Cream From Plain Yogurt

Easy!  You take plain yogurt(no additives), drain off the liquid(whey), add some lemon, and refrigerate for two hours. See here for detailed recipe.

This tutorial mentions the use of a fine mesh kitchen sieve to drain the yogurt, but cheese cloth or a strong paper towel over a colander works well too. I use the colander/paper towel combination over a large bowl to drain the yogurt. Instead of discarding the drainage(whey), save it for baking and cooking. I use whey in homemade bread.

For something extra, save a portion of the drained yogurt; skip the lemon, drain overnight, and you'll have creamy cheese!

Image for wikipedia.


Sarah @ Mum In Bloom said...

Who knew it was so easy! Wow! My darling neighbour gave me some of her home made sour cream last week and it tasted like a creme freche (spelling?). It was just sooo good. I made a sour cream lasagne with it :)

The Caravan said...

What a cool idea! I really want to try this. Thanks for posting!

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