Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Vintage Scarf Pillows

This idea has been kicking around in design circles for some time now, and I am warming up to the idea of making my own vintage scarf pillows. I thought about trying this after seeing a bin of beautiful vintage scarves at a thrift last week. These pillows would blend especially well with the modern neutral home design themes. They could be switched out seasonally according to color and pattern for a fresh look.

I was thinking that the scarves could be sewn to the fronts of existing pillows to save time and effort. This would be super thrifty if you could find secondhand pillows in good shape(clean them in bleach water) at a yard sale or thrift.

See this post for tutorials.

HT to Allyson for image.


Myrnie said...

Hey, I have a drawer full of scarves I've collected from friends, great-aunts, grandmas....I wonder if any of the colors would match my rooms??

Otter Mom said...

What a great idea! My daughter loves the thought, she sees scarves at thrift stores all the time that she likes but has no use for. I think you've just inspired her next craft project!

Leslie, the Home Maker said...

I have handkerchiefs with my Gram's initial "L" for Lorraine, that she passed down to me, which is my initial, too! I think this is a great way to display my own monoGram on a pillow, LOL!
(I crack myself up)!
I would have to sew them over a fabric, but this idea got me thinking--
Thanks for the inspiration--I can get those heirlooms out of the drawer!
Blessings to you as you make your home!

Alexandra said...

Oh, please share if you try this! I'd really like to see all your creations. :)

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