Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Almost Done!

We have another week to ten days left before we are done with all homeschool subjects that were scheduled for the fall and spring terms. It will feel good for all of us to have more free time. I saved Science for the summer, so we'll have one more subject to complete for sixth grade, but this will get done quickly, early in the morning.

Last year my son did a summer junior forest ranger day camp for a week, but he's not too keen on doing this again. I guess we'll have to see what pops up for summer activities. Maybe I can get him into swimming classes again at our city community center. I have an inkling he might like golf, so I've got plans for him to take at least one class in the future, hopefully with the city parks department(less expensive).

Otherwise, we'll be taking advantage of the free parks, both municipal and state. We can extend some of his 6th grade science with nature hikes and star watching. It's been a good school year, and I look forward to working further into the upper grades with my son.

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Margaret Mary Myers said...

Congratulations on being "almost done" with the school year! Enjoy your summer!

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