Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Eco-Friendly Household Bug Killer

Spring means the ants come marching into our kitchen via the window and through our front door. By chance I sprayed them with some Green Works multi-surface cleaner, and they stopped crawling instantly. Now I spray the counters and door threshold before I go to bed, and they have not come back. Last night a large garden roach made its way into the kitchen. Those things are so big! It took a few sprays, but it took down the huge roach as well. It feels safer using this around children and pets. I need to clean the floors and counters anyway, so I get a head start spraying this on surfaces in the evening.

I buy my Greens Works at Family Dollar. I got a huge stock pile of the stuff when they had a clearance sale, 50% off. A large dilutable bottle usually runs about $3.00.

Printable 50 cent off coupon here.


Cindy said...

Sounds good.

Lola said...

I wanted to share something my dh's Brazilian friend suggested.

Coffee, regualar coffee in a sprayer.

My brother and I discovered a wasp nest starting up near our garage and we gave it a try. They died in seconds.

And I have re-thought my coffee drinking habit.

Alexandra said...

Interesting! I'll have to remember this with wasps nest. Thanks. :)

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