Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vintage Student's Merit Award Letter

I saw this over at the Paper Collector, and just for kicks, blanked out the original names with GIMP. I haven't figured out how to match the background when covering up areas. Click to enlarge and save, if you'd like to reuse this form. I filled one out for my son because he's had a tough time lately working through spring fever. He's been diligent despite his weariness of school. Here is the original:



CatholicConvert said...

If you email me the full sized scan, I'll have a go a blanking the text and keeping the background (or you can provide a link to the full scan and I'll do it from that).

Mum in Bloom said...

You find the coolest stuff :)

Alexandra said...

Thanks so much. That Paper Collector blog has some wonderful vintage ephemera.

Catholic Convert: Thanks! How sweet to offer. I'd like to figure it out myself as well. One of these days I'll take a GIMP tutorial. I'll email you soon.

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