Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nor'Easter! and Some Free North Wind Homeschool Printables

Nor'Easter: "Nor'easters form along the East Coast of the United States, usually in the months between October and April, although nor'easters can form any time of the year.When a nor'easter starts forming in the Gulf of Mexico, moist air and high dew points feed into the developing storm. The storm will then reach the Atlantic Ocean and begin to strengthen. Some nor'easters will deepen rapidly in intensity, sometimes becoming as strong as moderate hurricanes by feeding on the warm waters of the Gulf Stream." ~ Wikipedia

A little wind, a little rain, a little flooding, but we are all right.

The North Wind Doth Blow musical score from the Nursery Lesson Book, 1889.

Printable full English Rhyme: The North Wind Doth Blow(printable page) from Choice Literature, 1912.

Fourth Grade Reader(Illustrated): The North Wind Doth Blow.

Second grade version, beautifully illustrated.
Popular Tales from the Norse(good for sixth grade)  The Lad who went to the North Wind.

German Nursery tale: The North Wind at Play from In the Child's World, 1908

Third grade reader: The Lad Who Went to the North Wind from Child Classics 1918

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Dorothy said...

We just had a huge windstorm here yesterday, I wonder if it was the same one? Sometimes we get the remains of hurricanes which have formed in the carribean.

There was quite a lot of damage on th south coast to properties and flooding etc.

Windstorms are very common here in the winter.

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