Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another Children's Vintage Cut and Paste Thanksgiving Project and Coloring Page

I keep finding these in vintage public domain pages. They are so charming, I just have to share. This one is from a 1919 School Arts Magazine. Click to enlarge and print. It's a Thanksgiving basket.

And a coloring page.


Folky1 said...

Dear Alexandra,

I loved seeing these vintage pages from SchoolArts Magazine this morning! I worked for SchoolArts in the 1990s, and I am currently working for them again. In between those years, I homeschooled my two children. I too love the charm of these vintage images. Thanks for sharing these projects!

Holly Hanson Pearlstein
Web Coordinator
SchoolArts Magazine

Alexandra said...

Google Books has a few issues. I just love browsing through them. Thanks for your comment. :)