Wednesday, October 28, 2009

William's Wife by Jean Plaidy

William's Wife (The Queens of England Series , Vol 9)

I'm continuing to read through Jean Plaidy's historical fictions. I've been reading Plaidy's books written about the women of the families of  Charles I and Charles II. This particular book is about King James II's(brother to Charles II) Mary who was married to William of Orange(Netherlands). She later went on to rule England as  Mary II and as co-regent with her husband William. The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia was charted in 1693, endowed and named in their honor.

I feel like I know these families so well now. Plaidy has a very sympathetic balanced way of portraying her characters, and many of her books are written in first person.

This book has been recently republished under a new title,  The Queen's Devotion: The Story of Queen Mary II (A Queens of England Novel).

I hope to finish this soon so that I can go on to read about Mary's sister, Queen Anne: The Queen's Favourites (The Stuart Saga #7), the last regent of the House of Stuart. Neither Mary or Anne had any surviving children.

From Wikipedia: "Mary's life from her childhood to her death forms part of the BBC drama series The First Churchills (1969) " I've got this on queue at Netflix.


Dorothy said...

Hi there Alexandra. Queen Anne had 18 children. Most of them were stillborn or died in infancy. One survived until aged 11. What a sadness for Anne and George.

Alexandra said...

Thanks! I meant to say surviving children. I've amended the post...I'm half way through the book, but I have read the Wiki post that I linked to for information. William was a horrible husband! I look forward to finishing - so interesting.

Dorothy said...

Hi Alexandra!

I think you need a visit to England, you seem to enjoy British history so much!

BTW, I just nominated you in the Best Thrifty Blog at the Blog Awards.


Alexandra said...

Thanks! I've been many times, just not recently. :)

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