Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Swagbucks: Search and Earn

I joined Swagbucks about a month ago after I saw it mentioned on a blog. It's a Google powered search engine which credits you points for searches. These points(Swagbucks) can be turned in for merchandise or gift certificates. I use a search engine almost every day, so this was perfect for me.

I really thought it would be a lot more difficult to earn enough points for a gift certificate, but so far it has been very easy. I keep Swagbucks bookmarked to my toolbar, and use the search engine every time I need to search for something, which is almost every day. So far I've earned 28 Swagbucks. I'm shooting for a $5.00 Amazon gift certificate(45 Swagbucks).

Hint: Swagbucks seems to kick in when you do multiple searches. I've noticed that one search has not earned me anything. It may be the quality of my searches, but if you are not earning, try at least two searches. I have been getting credited with one or two Swagbucks with at least  two searches.

They have a search toolbar you can download, but I haven't tried this. I think it would slow down my computer.

If you refer people, you get matching bucks, although I have figured this out yet.

Between this and Mypoints.com, I've managed to earn a little extra for the family simply by searching and reading emails(Mypoints.com).


Debbie J said...

Hi Alexandra, I have over 100 swagbucks. I'm planning to get 2 Amazon $5.00 gift cards. I downloaded the toolbar at home and at work and love it. I have earned bucks from "The Swag Guy" (TSG) which shows up on the tool bar. During September, there was a swag code every day, if you could catch it before it expired.

My original plan was to save them for a Starbucks gift card to use as a gift, but the Amazon ones are a much better deal, I think. There is always a book I'd like to get on Amazon.

Now instead of saying I will google something, I say I will swagbuck it! :o)

Debbie J.

Alexandra said...

Oh, thank you! I was wondering about that that swag code. Maybe I'll try the toolbar...see if it slows me down or not.

Charlotte said...

I'm up to 89 Swagbucks this week, and my husband is up over 150.

Alexandra said...

Nice! I should get my husband signed up.

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