Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Samaritan's Purse Christmas Shopping

We received the Samaritan's Purse Christmas shopping catalog today. It is filled with wish lists for people in developing countries. Some of them are very affordable such as $4.00 for milk, $7.00 for a hot meal, $6.00 for blankets, or $14.00 for baby chickens. There are gifts which help people earn a living, gifts for medical needs, gifts for compassion, and gifts of faith. My oldest was able to read through the catalog and select his own gift for a child; in the process, he began to understand the nature of life in developing countries, and the impact of his help. A very small amount can mean a huge blessing to a family.

Ratings for Samaritan's Purse at Ministry Watch


Lola said...

I just got the Heifer International "Gift Catalog"!

I'm thinking of gifting some Bees.

Berry Patch said...

Our church is a national drop-off for the shoeboxes. But I'm seriously considering buying some things from the catalog & then sponsoring some boxes. We did this one year & it was so much easier and my boys loved "shopping" in the catalog.