Friday, October 23, 2009

Bathroom Remodel Progress

It's slow going, but the wallpaper is down, walls have been prepped, seams caulked, and today we got some paint.

Sears has some quality paint, so we went with their Easy Living brand. I found some paint chips that I liked at Walmart, and Sears was able to match the color with the paint chips. We are going with some contemporary  neutrals. The walls and the dark stained wood cabinet are going to be painted. I thought about keeping the dark cabinet color(Pottery Barn comes to mind), but they are pretty old and grubby looking. The wood is solid, and they have some nice drawers which you don't find in modern cabinets. A fresh paint job should make them look new again.

The next big step is to replace the floor with some simple white or off-white tiles, which should be fairly easy with only about 20 square feet around the cabinet and in front of the tub, and replace the toilet. I know this is chuckled at by some, but I've always wanted one of those Lucite toilet seats with stuff embedded in them. When I was a child I remember some lady friends of my grandmother had them in their 'Boca Florida homes, so there is a nostalgia factor there.

They also had pink homes, wore boutique pant suits and rhinestones in their glasses, but I draw the line there(giggle).

Then early next year, we'll fix the fiberglass tub which will cost over $300.00 to get it done properly, or risk paint peel.

Sears on Easy Living paint: "Mildew and stain resistant low odor formula with low spatter. Washable finish. Limited lifetime warranty with one coat coverage guaranteed." It has good reviews online as well.

Some Sears paint deals:

If you are purchasing plain white paint from Sears, it's less expensive to order online via rebate). It's also $4.00 off when purchased online at

Discover Card rewards has a $5.00 bonus when you redeem points for a $45.00 Sears gift card, and 5% Sears cashback online at the Discover shopping portal. also offers Sears gift cards for redeemed points(low point threshold). If you sign up for Sears emails, you'll get coupons and discount notifications.


. said...

I can't wait to see the result.

Myrnie said...

Sounds fabulous!! Can't wait to see after pictures :)

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