Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Jean Plaidy Queens of England Series

  Jean Plaidy's Queens of England series has recently been republished and repackaged. I grabbed the first one I saw on the public library shelf as my daughter whizzed by me to climbed up to the water fountain where she usually drenches herself. I'll be reserving the remaining books online. The first one in the series is Eleanor of Aquitaine, one of my favorite queens.

Some have been republished with different titles, and you can read all fourteen of them in order. I am beginning with Loyal in Love: Henrietta Maria, Wife of Charles I (A Queens of England Novel)

Jean Plaidy is known for her meticulous research, and her writing style is very engaging(like a good drama) and never dry. Plaidy's series are great for high school students looking to have history come alive with these accurate historical fictions.

Jean Plaidy Republished Novels


Debbie J. said...

I will remember these titles next time I'm looking a new book at the library. Thanks.

Alexandra said...

Jean Plaidy is also known as Victoria Holt. If you like history with a little gossip and a good story line, you'll like these books.

Dymphna said...

I loved Jean Plaidy. Her Katherine of Aragon series is heartbreaking.

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