Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Christian Preschool At Home

My daughter is almost four and is just now getting interested in workbooks or formal learning. We are using the Rod & Staff's Preschool series($9.00 for set). My son used this series as well, so it's been fun to revisit it. Great memories! These are wholesome "old fashioned" black and white workbooks published by conservative Mennonites. Simple rural living features prominently in these workbooks. When you click through to the link, each individual book can be viewed for content.

For older preschool children and kindergarten:

Sample lessons here.

More preschool posts here.


Mrs. Pear said...

We are JUST finishing up "Doing My Best" from the first set and Miss Pear LOVED it! These workbooks were a reward as far as she was concerned! We are just getting ready to start the A-G series and from the looks of it she will love it just as much!

Although we are already doing Bible Stories to Read/Color and that is big fun.

These are such a sweet gentle way to ease children into formal learning.

Berry Patch said...

We love these books here! Because they are advanced (the regular preschool books), I have actually used them for kindergarten. This is what my youngest will be working on this year (plus more). :-)

Anonymous said...

I have these same books for my son when he is ready. I actually have a ton of Rod and Staff, Pathway, and Schoolaid curriculum, and my DS is only 2 1/2! He is not talking yet, though, so I am unsure when he will be ready for the workbooks. We are having him tested for speech soon because we think his lack of speech ability is causing him frustration at times. He is smart otherwise, though! Suggestions from anyone would be appreciated!

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