Thursday, June 25, 2009

Easy Wrap Skirt Tutorial for Children and Adults

I keep seeing people wearing these now! I wore these in the 70's and early 80's, and I am so happy to see them back. These can be customized for children or adults. This particular wrap skirt does not have a hole along the waist band to pass through an extra long string. You can add this if you want the skirt to wrap around more(wider length) to ensure it doesn't flip open with the wind. I wear a slip with mine for modesty. If you do have it wrap around more(one time and 3/4), you need this hole to run the string through to ensure the skirt doesn't fall down along the waist. All mine wrap around this way - about one time and 3/4.

You can also make them reversible.

Click here.


Latte Lady said...

Thank you for that. I loved those skirts when I was young. Although I 'm not able to sew one up right now, I'll save it for later!

Do you know where to get cotton slips? They only sell the nylon in stores around here.

Alexandra said...

You are welcome. :) I only have the nylon ones. I haven't seen any cotton ones.

K-Sue said...

Cute skirts! I linked to this post.

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