Saturday, May 16, 2009

May is the Month for Lilacs

I Wonder if the tides of Spring
Will always bring me back again

Mute rapture at the simple thing
Of lilacs blowing in the rain.

If so, my heart will ever be

Above all fear, for I shall know
There is a greater mystery

Beyond the time when lilacs blow.

~ Thomas S. Jones Jr., The Melody of Earth, 1918

Poetry and literature about lilacs in public domain:

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HT to Elena for her post, Lilacs.

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Elizabeth G. said...

Lilacs, lilacs, everywhere! They (happily) hanging over my back fence from my neighbor's yard. Oh, how beautiful they are. I need to go snip some!

Also, I can't believe they had that priest arrested! He was following his God.

Coo-coo times is right.

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