Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spice Cake on the Fly

I couldn't be bothered with a recipe the other day, and made this simple cake with flour, sugar(white and brown) , an egg, a little milk, some oil(about a half cup), cinnamon, baking powder, and baking soda. I think I used two cups flour, one cup sugar, one egg, one tsp baking powder, one tsp baking soda, and a little cinnamon.

I can' recall how much milk I used, but I kept adding it to make the batter thinner. This cake came out really nice. I melted together a little cream cheese, powdered sugar, red food color(pink with just a drop), and water in the microwave for icing.

I think I like experimenting better than using recipes. Lately I've been almost too tired to read anything anyway... my eyes are not focusing well with all this pollen!


Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

The cake sounds delicious. I will be so happy when the pollen levels go down. We have had alot of rain recently which has helped some and I have been staying in as much as possible to avoid it. Thanks for sharing.


Myrnie said...

You are so talented! (But it's probably a GOOD thing I can't make cakes without recipes...or I'd be enormous. I have no will power :)

. said...

Looks good.

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