Monday, April 27, 2009

A Servant's Heart: Saint Zita

Mrs. Poogle has a wonderful series on the life of Saint Zita and what it means for us, and how we can draw lessons from her Servant's Heart.

From Mrs. Poogle at Life on the Home Front:

"Today is the Feast Day of the patron Saint of this blog, Saint Zita! In honour of her day, I will continue with my reflections on her life…

Her master and mistress discovered the treasure which their family possessed in the fidelity and example of the humble saint, and the other servants gave due praise to her virtue. Zita feared this prosperity more than adversity, and trembled lest it should be a snare to her soul. But sincere humility preserved her from its dangers; and her behaviour, amidst the caresses and respect shown her, continued the same as when she was ill-treated and held in derision; she was no less affable, meek, and modest; no less devout, nor less diligent or ready to serve everyone.

From: St. Zita

From this passage, we see that eventually, Saint Zita was regarded as a treasure by the family she worked for, and her virtue, rather than being maligned, was praised by her fellow servants. Her perseverance in diligently following God’s will in a spirit of penance and humility was thus rewarded by God. We too may find, that after going through times of trial and suffering, or of being disregarded and even badly treated by others, God provides us with an oasis of blessing and refreshment. There is a sense of all our hard work finally bearing fruit, and the praise and respect of others is a juicy fruit indeed." Read the rest here.

I'd write my own reflection but Mrs. Poogle has a special affinity and understanding of Saint Zita. I just can't say it any better.


. said...

I always like Saint Zita but for my homemaker's efforts, I turn to Our Lady, the Homemaker.

Alexandra said...

I'm sure Saint Zita did as well!

Mrs.Pogle said...

Thank you so much for posting this Alexandra!
I too turn daily to Our Blessed Mother for inspration and help, but I was also delighted to discover St. Zita, who enriches our lives and efforts with her example. She is not a well-known, or often talked of Saint, and I hope I have been able to give her some publicity through my blog :¬)

Alexandra said...

We can learn from all our saints. Thanks for introducing her to me. :)