Saturday, April 11, 2009

Make Your Own Skirt - No Pattern, Easy

Make a Simple Drawstring Skirt
This is so easy. I'm a beginning seamstress, and I can handle this just fine. This skirt can be made to any length, and to any size. Try using vintage sheets for fabric on this project, especially for teenagers and small children.


Here is another one that I'd like to try. I've made pillowcase dresses for my toddler, but this one is a pillowcase skirt. You do have to be skinny for this project, so this may exclude me. I'll have to see if I can stuff myself into a pillowcase. If not, I'll try this for my daughter when she is older. This one requires only hand sewing.

Here's a good clothes saver for post baby body: How to Put Side Panels in Pants. This could be done with skirts as well.


Jimmie said...

This cracked me up. Why? Well the model is on the floor. It looks to me like she fell down. Yeah. If I tried to use a pillow case as a skirt over MY hips, I'd fall down too! LOL!!

Alexandra said...

Me too! ;) LOL.

Rain said...

Hello. that's actually not a model..but it's me. It was the dead of winter when I did that pillowcase skirt tutorial and the only room with good lighting at the time was the living room. That was the best camera angle I could get...on the floor. It does look a bit silly. I'll have a better photo as things warm up around here.

Thanks for visiting my site!

Alexandra said...

Rain, personally I liked the photo, or I wouldn't have posted it. I thought it was very artistic, and the model is beautiful. ;) Thanks so much for sharing your ideas and projects.

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