Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Make Your Own Drinking Glasses with Recycled Bottles

I'm really trying to get the hubby to try this. I'm too nervous to cut the glass myself, but it's a neat way to recycle if you are good with tools.

I think using an Ephrem's bottle cutter is the easiest and safest way to try this at home. You still have to heat the bottle, and cool it down for the cut, but the gadget does the etching for you.

After you cut the bottle to the desired height, it is just a matter of sanding the rim. You can recycle the top of the bottle as a candle holder.

Bodhicitta, an experienced glass worker at Etsy makes the glasses pictured, but he fire polishes the rims.

A friend's father gave me some antique champagne bottles from one of his digs near the Panama Canal. The top broke clean off along a perfect angle for a vase(pictured). I'm pretty sure you could etch and break away the top off a bottle this way with the bottle cutter.

Here are some lights made out of recycled wine bottles. It looks as if they used epoxy to glue various pieces together, but you could just use one single bottle for each light:

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bluechillies said...

Very cool ideal! I always love to see recycled item put to good use.

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