Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kusamono Japanese Flower Arrangements

I've always liked Japanese gardens and floral arrangements, probably because I lived in Tokyo when I was little, and because I am drawn to peaceful and ordered livingscapes.

These arrangements are fairly easy to make, and perfect for spring. I wish I still had some of my bowls from my early collecting days. Vintage stoneware is perfect for these arrangements. I'm going to take a trip to the thrifts tomorrow to see if I can find some shallow bowls.

Check out these pictures from the National Bonsai Foundation... look how many of the plants used are common garden "weeds"! I've always known that there is beauty and elegance in wild flowers.

Kusamono are potted arrangements of wild grasses and flowers in unique pots or trays. The name is composed of two Japanese characters: “grass” and “thing.” Originally, this name referred to the small, potted grasses displayed with bonsai as companion plants.

More recently, kusamono has developed into an art form of its own. A well-chosen kusamono reflects the season in which it is displayed. Some compositions are designed to include plants that will look good in several seasons. Besides the season, a kusamono should suggest a specific natural habitat--such as a wetland, meadow or woodland. Whether using a single plant or a group of plants, there are three basic styles of planting: moss-ball, out-of-pot, or in a container.

I found the moss kusamono image at top on Google images. I'd love to try this one; I've got lots of moss in my yard, my favorite.


Joyful Days said...

This was so neat. I've really enjoyed all the fun things I've found on your blog.

Happy Easter!



Stephanie said...

So simple and pretty!

Alexandra said...

Thanks. This was fun to make.

Anastasia said...

Beautiful! Love moss and grass!

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