Saturday, March 14, 2009

Free Printable Preschool, Kindergarten, and Early Elementary Writing Paper

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Elizabeth G. said...

Wish my children were still this age! Elizabeth

Debbie J. said...

My grandson is 18 months and my daughter wants him to go to a private school or home school him.

Have you seen that infomercial called "Your baby can read"? Very interesting, but probably uses too much tv watching for those trying to limit that. I think the same ideas could be used without the videos.

Alexandra said...

I haven't seen that one, but it sounds interesting. That's so great that your daughter may want to homeschool. There are some great schools out there as well, but I'm a bit biased seeing as how much we enjoy it. ;)

Both children(preschool aged) seemed to learn more with video and cd-roms(Reader Rabbit) than with hands-on type learning, but I think this might be unusual. Both of mine have(had) speech delays, and seem to be very visual with their learning. They both seem to have the same idiosyncrasies.

My son loves traditional learning from books now, but I learned that this is part of visual learning as well. Getting him to do science experiments(or learning crafts) is like pulling teeth. LOL. He doesn't go for hands-on learning at all. He does enjoy puzzles and imaginative play - transformers at the moment.

My 3 year old daughter likes video and computer learning at the moment. I keep the videos wholesome - Veggietales and Sesame Street. She also watches PBS Kids learning shows which are wonderful.

They've got a Reader Rabbit for 18 mos - 3's called Reader Rabbit Toddler. I was just about to post about it.

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