Monday, March 16, 2009

A Blessed Saint Patrick's Day...

to you.


. said...

In my culture, we forget St. Patrick. It has nothing to do with us, however, I find it very nice the way people celebrate it in America. I understand, it's because of the lot of irish people that went there.
And he was a great and important saint.

Soutenus said...

I hope you don't mind but I have a some questions -----
WHY do you homeschool?
What is/was the hardest or most unexpected part?
What curriculum do you use?
What is the highest grade you have taught to your kids?
Do you plan for them to transition into any other kind of schooling in the future?

We are making some big changes and I am hoping for sage advice :-)

Feel free to email me or just leave the answers in a com box at A Catholic Notebook.
I truly appreciate any information you have to share.


Alexandra said...

Mrs. L, Yes, there are so many Irish in the U.S. Many came during the Irish potato famine during Queen Victoria's reign. If it weren't for St. Patrick, all of Ireland would have remained pagan. Their faith got them through some terrible times.

Alexandra said...

Peggy, okay...I'll email you later tonight when the little ones have gone to sleep and I can concentrate, LOL. Esther of Catholic Mom in Hawaii is also a good person to talk to about homeschooling. She has homeschooled all the way through 12th.

Elizabeth G. said...

Hey, Alexandra, I would love to know the answer to those questions, too. I am partially hs-ing right now.

God bless,

Alexandra said...

Peggy, I emailed you.

Elizabeth, I can send you a copy. It's not all that exciting or filled with sage, but it may help. ;)