Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Audio Homeschooling: American Historical Drama: Western Frontier Explorers

From OTRCAT.com:

"From Robert La Salle's navigation of the Mississippi River, to Lewis and Clark's dauntless challenge of reaching the West Coast of North America, Frontier Fighters takes you on a historical voyage that pits you in the middle of the taming of the West. So, if it you're following John C. Fremont on his legendary "Oregon trail" or helping Zebulon Pike verify the true source of the mighty Mississippi river, Frontier Fighters will transport you to a time where American history is unfolding before your very own ears!"

Click here, 1 MP3 CD - 40 shows - total playtime 9 hours 51 minutes, only $4.00(!), and they ship internationally and stateside for only $2.00. Shipping for two - 9 CDs is $4.95, and over 10 is free ship. I've ordered from them before and they ship very quickly. We listen to these vintage educational radio shows during car trips on the laptop. I download them onto a portable flash drive for easy storage.

There is a listening sample at the link. Free downloads everyday here.


Colorado Territory
Robert Lasalle
Lewis and Clark
Zebulon Pike
John C Fremont
Kit Carson
Jedadiah A Smith
Marcus Whitman
John McLaughlin
The Donner Party
The Fall of the Alamo
Stephen W Kearney
Brigham Young
Joseph Meek
Lynn Coulter and George C Pickett
John Sutter and James W Marshall
Buffalo Bill Cody
Idaho Territory
Santa Fe Trail
Wild Bill Hickok
Reverend Thomas Starr King
Cochise and Capt Tom Jeffers
Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroad
New Mexico Territory
The Little Big Horn
Steven Austin
Oregon Territory
The Comstock Lode
John Phillips
Oklahoma Land Rush
Oregon and the Pacific Republic
Annie D Talent
I Bert Perine
Wells Fargo
Anton P Stafford
Arthur A Denny
Yellowstone Park
Eliza Ann Brooks
General N K Niles

Episodes are free and in public domain here at Internet Archives; however this $4.00 deal is a great time saver. Downloading all these episodes is very time consuming; it would take many days to get all forty on one tidy MP3 CD like this one. A little tip if you do try multiple downloads, use a download helper like this free one. I've been using this one for years with my pokey dial-up. The downloads start and stop at you convenience without losing any information.


Denese said...

These are right up my son's alley, he loves old adventure radio shows. :)

Alexandra said...

Oh good, enjoy!

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