Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Free Printable Short Stories, Audio Read-Along Option with Mini-Worksheets

3/3/08 Update: Sites were down over the weekend, but they are up again. Also I found another site which offers Lit2go audio files - Learn Out Loud.com, but no printouts.

Lit2Go has reformatted short vintage stories from public domain texts in a printable PDF along with a human read optional audiobook. There are short lessons as well. I make my own story sheets by copying and pasting vintage texts or portions of texts(see my library ) into Google Documents, but the audio reading is a great bonus! The reader is very clear and pleasant.

This is a great literature supplement source for preschool - early elementary(K- grade 3). The data base is searchable by grade, title, key words and author. There are a few stories/poems for other grades as well, all the way through grade 12.

I'm working on making my own book(binder) with these free print outs; I'll burn the audio onto a CD to make it a read-along. I'm putting together a read-along preschool- K book with nursery rhymes for my daughter. A very neat resource.

This site also offers free clipart for school children. Basically they have collected and reformatted vintage online public domain book images(black and white) and categorized them. I recognized quite a few of these. It's a handy resource for everything related to learning. I love their categories. If you want to retrieve the original public domain images(not copyrighted), go to Google Books and try searching for it. Lit2Go indicated that the images are copyrighted because they cleaned them up a bit, therefore making them original work. I think they look the same(!), but the site does offer the convenience of not having to search for images yourself.

Up to fifty images are free without a license.