Thursday, January 31, 2008

Free Printable: Feast Day of Saint John Bosco Founder of the Salesians

Click here for EWTN's Real Audio of The Dreams of St. John Bosco with Mother Angelica, Jeff Cavins, and Fr. Wade Menezes. More archived Real Audio of Mother Angelica Live here.

Free Saint Bosco printable for children by age group.

From Saint of the Day: John Bosco educated the whole person—body and soul united. He believed that Christ’s love and our faith in that love should pervade everything we do—work, study, play. For John Bosco, being a Christian was a full-time effort, not a once-a-week, Mass-on-Sunday experience. It is searching and finding God and Jesus in everything we do, letting their love lead us. Yet, John realized the importance of job-training and the self-worth and pride that comes with talent and ability so he trained his students in the trade crafts, too.

And who could forget little Grigio, who guided Saint Bosco away from danger on more than one ocassion. Okay, maybe he wasn't so little, especially in this painting - he looks more like a wolf.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Reusing Vintage Calendars

Here's a handy chart for determining which calendar years repeat each other. For 2008, the following calendar years are the same: 1924, 1952, and 1980. A nice way to recycle and enjoy a vintage calendar. If I find any vintage calendars matching 2008 that are free and in public domain, I'll post them.Here is another site, the perpetual calendar which indicates that the years: 1828, 1856 and 1884 are also the same as 2008.

1884: Kate Greenaway Calendar

1950 Calendar

There are few matching years for sale on ebay, Ruby Lane and Wagglepop.
Also search for calendar towels...Vera made some pretty ones in the 1980's. They can be easily hung on a wooden dowel. Here is a 1980 linen one at Ruby Lane of a Kitchen Prayer. I also saw one there with owls.