Thursday, December 25, 2008

Reusing Christmas Gift Wrap Paper

Ideas for reusing gift wrap paper:

- Shred it to use in gift baskets

- Cut out areas that are still in good shape to reuse with smaller gifts

- Use it for craft projects such as this fan ornament

- Shred for compost or mulch in the garden

- Turn it into a Christmas card

- Shred and use as packing filler

- Recycle your gift wrap into thank you cards

- Shred and use it to line your recycling bin to catch run off

- Shred and use for cooking oil and grease disposal

- Cut it up in small rectangles for scratch paper, hole punch it, and pull a ribbon through it. Reinforce it with some recycled gift box cardboard as the bottom page. Great for beside the phone.

- Make paper chains, snow flakes, wrapping paper stars, or lucky stars

- Make a wrapping paper book mark

- Make a New Years party hat from your Christmas wrapping paper and cardboard gift boxes

- Use the odd sized ripped paper for decoupage and mosaic ornaments

- Make paper bows

- Wad into cardboard paper towel tubes for fire starters(fire place)

- Use it for origami

Got any more ideas?


Debbie J. said...

Alex, more ideas to keep me busy, if I would just get time to do them. I think the shredded paper for use in gift bags would be easy and pretty. Also the bookmarks. I'm ready to start making gifts for next year.


Denese said...

Hi Alexandra :)
We save all our wrapping paper, mostly for crafts for my children; collages, paper-covered "treasure boxes" and shape cut-outs. My momma uses it in her rubber stamping projects, I come from a long line of "reusers".
My grandmother didn't even buy wrapping paper, she used paper bags and the comics out the newspaper. :)
I like the origami idea, we'll have to try it.
Thank you.

Alexandra said...

Debbie, I know I wish I had more time!

Denese, I always am inspired by your blog. I can't wait to see more of your posts. :)

DJ said...

Love these ideas! One more: make your own envelopes.

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