Monday, November 17, 2008

Free Vintage Holiday Clipart

Click here. HT to Redbud's Lane.


. said...

Thanks for the link.

Elizabeth G. said...

Thanks, Alexandra - I can really use this!

Do you homeschool any Jr. High-aged children? My daughter wants to come home for part of her classes, so I will be hs-ing after all.

Thanks for all you do!

God bless,

Alexandra said...


I've got a son in fifth and sixth grade curriculum. We mostly use conservative Mennonite materials - it works for him. I supplement with some Catholic resources and vintage texts from my homeschooling library blog.

If you like old fashioned education, I know that best. Just let me know and I can give you a list of all those types of curricula. The Mennonite resources are fairly generic Christian, so we can use it without a lot of conflict, as could you.

I'm afraid I knew only a little about other types of homeschooling resources for middle school students.

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