Monday, November 24, 2008

Elementary School Beginning Book Report Helps Using Free Online Resources

My ten year old son is developing writing skills. Today his lesson in Climbing to Good English by Schoolaid(an inexpensive Amish/Conservative Mennonite publisher) required him to choose a topic, find information, and follow the steps to writing notes. We use Rod & Staff for our primary English lessons, but Climbing to Good English rounds out his English curriculum with added writing practice and review.

We don't have encyclopedias at home because they clutter up the place, and it is just as easy to find information online. Today we used our online homeschooling library and found two short stories about our topic which were perfect! I used the search engine at my Google Books library link, and browsed the science topic area at my online library blog, Happy Hearts Homeschooling Library. Ds chose polar bears for his topic with two simple questions on which to take notes: what do they look like and what do they eat. We only used one text, but I'll pass on the other in case anyone needs it.

Here are the two vintage texts:

Appleton's The Third Grade Reader, 1910: The White Bear(used for today's lesson). Not on grade level, but concise enough to learn the point of the lesson.

Primary Education, 1914, The Silver King of the New York Zoo.

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Denese said...

More great books! Thanks so much. :)

Alexandra said...

Don't you just love these vintage books?! I still can't get over how wonderful they are for homeschooling.

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