Sunday, November 02, 2008

All Souls Day

Today is a Catholic(also Anglican, and to some extent other Protestant denominations) day of commemoration of the dead, in remembrance of those who have passed before us, the soul's in purgatory. In many countries All Souls Day is a traditional day for visiting cemeteries, and flowers are usually placed at the headstones.

Catherine Delors blogs about the role of chrysanthemums in French culture on Jour des morts .

In Mexico, today is Dia del los Muertos, and marigolds are used on altars honoring the dead.

From Fisheaters: "There is a Mexican saying that we die three deaths: the first when our bodies die, the second when our bodies are lowered into the earth out of sight, and the third when our loved ones forget us. ... During our visits to their graves, we spruce up their resting sites, sprinkling them with holy water, leaving votive candles, and adorning them flowers (especially chrysanthemums and marigolds) to symbolize the Eden-like paradise that man was created to enjoy, and may, if saved, enjoy after death and any needed purgation. "

Heavenly Father, You sent Christ Jesus your Son to wash away the sins of all mankind through His perfect sacrifice, and you cleansed our departed brothers and sisters in the waters of baptism. May His perfect sacrifice free them from the power of death and give them eternal life.
In your mercy, O Lord, grant them eternal rest,
and may perpetual light shine on them forever. + Amen.


Catherine Delors said...

Thank you for the link, Alexandra, and how true is that Mexican saying! Let us never forget our beloved departed in our prayers.

Alexandra said...

Thanks for dropping by. :)