Thursday, October 16, 2008

DIY Inexpensive Pedicure Tool: PedEgg

I've been using a PedEgg for quite a while now, and it works much better than a pumice stone or a foot file. The results are as good as a professional pedicure, but a lot less expensive! I got mine at Target for $9.99; it can also be found at drug stores and Walmart. The only complaint that I see popping up again and again is that the filings fall out of the tool, but if you use it on moist feet, this is less likely to happen. I no longer have that dry outside edge on my heals. I have to use it monthly to keep it away, which is fine. The PedEgg keeps my feet looking neat and healthly without the cost of a pedicure. Whoever invented this tool is very clever, and I'm glad they are offering it for a reasonable price.

Here is more information and a PedEgg review with comments at the MSNBC Health section, Does It Work?

PedEggat Amazon is $7.68. Shipping is free if you buy other items from Amazon(not associates) in order to reach the free shipping threshold of $25.00.

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Debbie J. said...

My feet definitely could use something!!! I had wondered if that product was any good. Thanks!

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