Friday, August 08, 2008

Resource for Free Printable Children's Stories: Vintage Graded Readers(ebooks)

I've added new categories to my Happy Hearts Homeschooling Library which makes it much easier to search for children's academic readers by grade level. To search by grade, see the quick lists in my contents for Google books and Project Gutenberg books.

These vintage readers are a super resource for accessing quality printable fiction and non-fiction children's short stories. Each book is linked to the table of contents for easy scanning. The books(and then some) are listed in my Google library which can be searched with key words. The search engine is not the best, but if you keep adding words and fiddling with it, you'll hit on some resources.


Stephanie said...

What a neat resource! Thanks!

Debbie J. said...

Hi Alexandra!

I wanted to let you know the Irises arrived. There are a lot of them! Thanks. I hope to get them planted soon and maybe I can show you pictures of them next spring.

Debbie J.

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