Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Hearts at Home Living History Book List(Timeline)

This is our living history book list, a work in progress. We have either already read these books, or they are on our list. The selected books reflect a middle to late elementary reading level. It will include older conservative public library books, free vintage ebooks and if available, links to purchasable reprints of these ebooks.

12th century:

Where Valor Lies by Adele and Cateau De Leeuw(ages 12 and up)

13th century:

Otto of the Silver Hand by Howard Pyle

15th-16th century:

Sir Walter Raleigh by Adele DeLeeuw(ages 9-10)

Martin De Porres Hero by Claire Huchet Bishop(ages 10-12)

Men of Iron By Howard Pyle
(free ebook) In reprint inexpensively at Dover books(ages 12 and up).

Victorian Era:

Queen Victoria, English Empress by Sally Glendinning(ages 10-12)

Collective Biographical Stories Covering Many Time Periods:

Fifty Famous People by James Baldwin(ages 6-9)
, also see the back paper for a historical timeline. This can be used to find additional/supplemental readings for older children.

Fifty Famous Stories Retold
by James Baldwin(ages 6-9)

Thirty More Famous Stories Retold by James Baldwin(ages 7-10).


Marie said...

I just bought Mrs Beetons Home Management book and find it quite fascinating!

I am corrently reading that and a book on St. Therese.

I love the Victorian/Edwardian era and can never read enough about this particular time in history.

Peace, JOY & love to you & your family:)

Marie xoxoxo

Therese said...


I have passed an award onto your blog. See my blog for details.

Alexandra said...

Thanks Marie, me too, although you've probably guessed that by now. LOL.

Thanks Therese!