Friday, July 11, 2008

Free Old Fashioned Color-By-Numbers Preschool Sheets

These Mennonite coloring books are so cute! I'm going to order the first one, Color-By-Number For Little Hands - Number 1 (ages 3-5). My two year(2.10) old loved the cat and food sheets. I like that they have a few sample printables(click on "Look in the Book") so you can try them out with your little ones.

There are two others we enjoyed:

Color-By-Number For Little Hands - Number 2 (ages 4-6)

Birds - Color-By-Number

I helped with the more difficult ones, but she really enjoyed matching the colors to the numbers. I think it's because they provide large drawing spaces for very young children, and the pictures are simple, but appealing.

Have you seen the Little Jewel Books? These are wholesome hand drawn Amish/Mennonite books about nature, family values, and Christian lessons for young children. My son loved these, and now my daughters picks them up for me to read, often bypassing our Barney books! It surprised me, but I was glad because they teach as well as entertain.

Maybe it is our strong German background(Pennsylvania Dutch: Non-Mennonite), but we are so drawn to these Mennonite resources. The books feature rural scenes so similar to my grandparent's old home outside of Hellertown, Pa(Wassergas). I love the Pennsylvania countryside; it's in my blood even though I've never lived there. My grandparents sold their "gentleman's farm" in the 1980's, and sadly, have since passed away.

If you like wholesome children's books with simple drawings of farms, rural life, nature and animals, these resources will be a hit. They are very inexpensive as well!


Annette said...

We love these books as well! I'm from Lancaster originally, and whenever we go visit family, we stop in at a little Mennonite bookstore and get one. My latest favorite is called "A Boy Can Help."

Soutenus said...

Enjoyed this post and the links!

I love PA also. We sold our gentleman's farm in Bucks County when we moved to Texas. I miss it still (especially in the heat of July here in the Lone Star state!)

But our philosophy is to bloom where we are planted. :-)

Alexandra said...

There is something about the smell of the air in rural Pa., and I don't mean farm smells, LOL. It's meadow and mountain smells. I used to love to smell the cool night air when I was staying at my grandparent's place.

Nice to meet other folks who love Pa. That's one of our next family trips...up to Pa. to visit the Lancaster and the Hellertown area. Bucks county is lovely as well. Annette, I'll have to look out for Mennonite stores when we are up there.

You are right do have to bloom where you are planted. Home is wherever you make it. :)

Annette said...

There's a wonderful little Mennonite run store in Clay (between Ephrata and Brickerville) called the Clay Christian Book Store. They have tons of these Little Jewel books and other wonderful Mennonite titles, as well as a huge used book section, including tons of homeschool curriculum. It's a lot of BJU and Abeka, but I have found some treasures there as well, and it's all usually $2 or less.

I do miss Lancaster. We're in Williamsport now. We always love going "home" to visit family.

Jimmie said...

You always find the neatest things. What are your secrets?

Yes, we've had our share of hotels and guest apartments. To have a place of my own is such a blessing. We often forget that it is a blessing and not a right.

Alexandra said...

"What are your secrets?"

Google! ;) What would we do without it.

Thanks Jimmie...glad to see you settled now. I love your new apartment.

Alexandra said...

Thanks Annette for the store information in Clay! I'll keep this in mind when we go up there.

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