Friday, April 11, 2008

Henna: All Natural Hair Dye Review

Henna is an excellent natural dye which also conditions the hair. Henna is a crushed and sifted plant which penetrates the hair shaft and lasts longer than commercial temporary hair dyes. I used it successfully several years ago when I decided to go red. I'm thinking about trying it again, only this time I 'd like to cover all the gray which has appeared in great quantities around my hairline near my face.

Last time I used a henna hair dye, I ordered from Everyday Mehndi which had an excellent long lasting pure product and fast shipping. Click through here to see the color chart for hair. They have additive-free henna dyes for black and shades of brown, red and blond.

Questions and answers about Everyday Mehndi henna.

Here's a picture from another site of how well henna dyes gray hair.

Is henna safe? Some warnings about premixed store bought and false henna.

The downside to henna is that you do need to leave it on for several hours, it stains everything, it smells like hay, and you have to prepare the henna mix yourself. In the past, I've mixed the henna in a large glass mixing bowl and used a wooden spatula to glop it on. I wore plastic gloves to squish it throughout my hair. Then I piled my hair up, and wrapped it with plastic wrap and then a warm towel. I learned to put Vaseline on my neck to avoid stains on my skin. So it is a bit time consuming and messy, but the chemical-free results are great.

Note: After about three months of henna applications, I did have some problems with hair loss/dry hair using 100% pure organic henna(body art quality). Store bought henna often has mineral salts added which can dry the hair, but mine was pure. I've since learned that I did not rinse the stuff out properly. It should be rinsed and shampooed thoroughly, followed by a conditioner. There should not be stains on your towels after you are done.


Esther said...

Every time I see the word Henna, it reminds of me of Lucy Ricardo :-) This seems like a lot of work but if it covers that well, maybe it's worth it.

Alexandra said...

LOL...and there is a Lucy Red. It's the natural henna, and boy is it ever red!

It is a pain, and I think I may have written myself out of trying it again. LOL. If you are sensitive to chemicals or want to dye naturally, henna is the way to go. I don't mind the extra effort...just don't like worrying about the stains. I'm sloppy and a big glop always falls to the ground. I should newspaper the floor in the bathroom!

Removing Black Hair Dye said...

I have heard that problem with Henna is that you can always obtain an array of red coloring. Any idea on how get my hair brown?

Alexandra said...

Thanks for commenting. That website I linked to has henna dye for all hair colors, not just red. I've not tried any other color except red, so I can't personally recommend the brown henna dye. I'd email the site owner at the henna link, or post in their forums. I'm sure they would give you much better advice than I.

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