Sunday, March 23, 2008

Low Budget Healthy Family Meals

Easy homemade soups . Cream soup recipe here. Beef, chicken, and vegetable stocks.
Bouillon, Broth, and Stock on a budget. I've not tried this, but Living a Better Life mentions that using a pressure cooker can save money on utilities when cooking broths, stocks or other foods which require longer cook times.

More helpful budget recipe tips here. Explains how to cut corners on staples and save money.

Better Times living, cooking and recipes - encouraging slow food, frugal recipes and slow living. Lots to read.

Cooking the whole chicken recipes.

USDA Food Stamp Nutrition Connection Recipe Finder. Includes nutrition facts, cost per serving/recipe, and lets you add recipes to a printable shopping list. Here is an example of a recipe: Master Baking Mix from an Oregon Extension Service which is .21 cents per serving. Depending on where you live, some of the estimated prices per serving may be a little inflated. I think I could purchase these items at my Save-A-Lot grocery store for less than .21 cents per serving.

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Soup is a thing that is easy to do,not expensive, tasty and very good for everybody.

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