Saturday, March 01, 2008

Daffodil(AKA: Lent Lily) Stories, Poems and Activities by Grade, Some Lesson Plans

Free printable stories, poems, (some with comprehension questions), games, and activities from vintage readers in public domain at Google Books. To print stories, follow link, right click on image of page and print image, not page.

Flower Children picture book.

Illustrated kindergarten Poem: Spring's Call to the Garden

Kindergarten verse, learning the months: The Garden Year

Second grade: A Daffodil Story

Second grade Christian reader: Spring with spelling

Third grade English: Poem, with questions and written exercise

The Daffodils by William Wordsworth(Poem only) Elementary and up.

Early Elementary game: Buttercups and Daffodils,and here as well in Ring Games and Frolics: The Game of Flowers. Similar to London Bridge.

Teacher curricular and activity suggestions for Wordsworth's poem, The Daffodils.

Early elementary: Teacher's manual for spring bulbs(plant section)

Lesson plan: Flowers for children over six.

Kindergarten: Children's embroidery pattern.

Kindergarten: Nature's Awakening. Bible study and lessons-John 12:24 and Cor. 15:55-57 with daffodil bulb.

Art, fourth grade: Drawing a daffodil

Prang's elementary teacher's manual for spring flowers. Third grade.

Fourth grade Catholic reader: Daffodils with questions and spelling.

Fifth grade reader: spring poem with comprehension questions.

Middle School: March, a poem

Seventh grade reader: The Daffodils by Wordsworth with questions.

Eighth grade reader: Persephone

High school: Of Gardens, by Francis Bacon(flowers, not specifically daffodils) no questions, just vocabulary.

Middle school - high school: Comstock's cultivated plant study, The Daffodils and Their Relatives.(Charlotte Mason)

Middle school - high school: Daffodils in March by R. Macaulay Stevenson and an Irish Poem, one by Robert Herrick, and here The First Daffodil, The Lent Lily or Lent Pitcher of Devonshire.(poetry only)

Middle school: Flower names

Middle school: Botany for Children: The Daffodil

Simple music sheets: Call of the March Wind


nankie said...

Hi Alex - I bookmarked your blog a long time ago, and just came across it again...very nice! I miss your posts on Yardsale Queen!

Alexandra said...

Thanks nankie...nice to see you again. I'll have to drop by YSQ for a visit. :)

Romany said...

Fantastic collection of ideas there, Alexandra. You might want to add something about St David (Dewi Sant) whose day is 1st March. He is the Patron saint of Wales. When I was a child growing up in Wales, we all wore Daffodills pinned to our clothes on St David's day!


Alexandra said...

Thanks Dorothy! I'll look that one up.

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